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" We are professional talent partner specializing in Adobe Stack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services. "

Right Professional for you !


Adobe Cloud Stack

We bring strong curated profiles specialization in Adobe Engagement Manager Stack. Whether you want people to build dashboards for your marketing campaigns to build customer profiles with AEM API, we have right professionals for you.!


Open Source Stack

Software Engineering Fundamentals - Open Source Contributions | by Ty Shaikh | K2 Data Science &
A curated professional network of Core Java. Java Full Stack Engineers and Architects, Python Developers,
and Architects are readily available with us.


Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack Hub overview - Azure Stack Hub | Microsoft Docs

We provide Microsoft Azure Stack professionals at all levels. Be it Microsoft Azure Developer, Azure
Cloud Engineer or Azure Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Professional, we have the right profiles for you.

Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning/AI

We Build AI/ML Data Science vs. Data Analytics vs. Machine Learning
We build Al/ML models to show the cost benefits and calculate ROI around Al/ML. By Incorporating AI/ML
in BPM/CRM. we realize the returns on investments exponentially.


Amazon Web Services Stack

Customers., CloudFormation, and Custom Resources | AWS DevOps Blog

We provide a good curated network of AWS Stack practitioners: Developers, Cloud Engineers, Enterprise architects, Practice Heads



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