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  In a year of the information age, Talent strategy is your competitive Strategy..!!  

At Buaut we solve the most important piece of your digital transformation puzzle .. The People


Work with Buaut for long term and short term talent strategy !!




Talent strategy

Talent Strategy

Identify and define the organization’s talent needs. Conduct gap analysis of the talent needs. Identify training needs and outline a detailed Talent Strategy for the organization.

Full time recruitment

Full Time Recruitment

We partner with you to truly understand your technical, functional, cultural needs and find the best fit full full-time talent.

Team augmentation

Short Term Contracts / Team Augmentation

We provide contract resources at short notice. This enables you to flex your teams as needed, with the right resources, with the right skills, and at the right price.

recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We work as your extended team and take ownership of the complete recruitment process so that you can focus on what you do the best, and we will manage the rest.



Adobe Cloud Stack

We bring strong curated profiles specialization in Adobe Engagement Manager Stack. Whether you want people to build dashboards for your marketing campaigns to build customer profiles with AEM API, we have the right professionals for you.

Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack Hub overview - Azure Stack Hub | Microsoft Docs.

We provide Microsoft Azure Stack professionals at all levels. Be it Microsoft Azure Developer, Azure Cloud Engineer, or Azure Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Professional, we have the right profiles for you.

Amazon Web Services Stack

Customers., CloudFormation, and Custom Resources | AWS DevOps Blog.

We provide a good curated network of AWS Stack practitioners: Developers, Cloud Engineers, Enterprise architects, Practice Heads.

Open Source Stack

 A curated professional network of Core Java. Java Full Stack Engineers and Architects, Python Developers, and Architects are readily available with us.

Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine Learning/AI

We Build AI/ML Data Science vs. Data Analytics vs. Machine Learning. We build Al/ML models to show the cost benefits and calculate ROI around Al/ML. By Incorporating AI/ML in BPM/CRM. We realize the returns on investments exponentially.

Frond End Technologies

We have a strong competency in Front End Technologies. These include React JS, Vue JS, as well as UX skills.


Roles and skills

We can partner with you on workforce planning and your future talent needs to be based on your business and technology plan.

We can work with you to identify long-term/strategic hires and short-term tactical approach to build your talent gap.

Identify future skill requirements by understanding how key roles and skills are evolving in your industry. We can work with you to create a plan for elevating your team’s skills.

Forecast your future workforce

Create long- and short-term sourcing plans

Pinpoint emerging roles and skills

Create long- and short-term sourcing plans

Talent Pool

Pre recorded interview videos

Highly skilled professionals

High skilled professionals
talent pool
Pre recorded videos

Companies looking for candidates can register and review the available talent pool. They will have access to pre-recorded video interviews for instant screening and shortlisting, thereby cutting down the screening time considerably.​

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals and mentors who do the pre-screening for you. We have dedicated professionals who do recruitment for professional tracks: Adobe Stack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Open Source Technologies (Java/Python, Angular.js, Node.js), and Data Science/Machine Learning.

Our focus is to be your competitive advantage. Locating candidates not only with the technical geeks but someone that pairs well with your unique culture, values, and needs.

We are not a traditional recruiter job- board. Think of us as a networking platform to find just the right professionals using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), gamification, and your trusted network.



+1 7815522523

1167 Massachusetts Avenue,

Arlington, Massachusetts 02476

United States

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