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Cloud Migration 

A leading retailer with a complex technology  need to exit datacenter quickly. Buaut architects created target state architecture using 6R framework, designed landing zones, migration scripts to ensure complex migration of 250+ applications 

At Buaut, we have built numerous accelerators, methodologies and solutions to accelerate cloud migrations


Cloud Native Development

A leading mortgage provider was constrained with legacy core.  Our team developed an event driven architecture based on Kafka, build microservices, serveless capabilities that enabled several new use case that were not possible in legacy environment.

At Buaut, we have expertise in modern cloud native technologies like kubernates, serverless technologies,  kafka, data streaming.  We can accelerate your Cloud application development by applying our learnings on several programs

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Cloud Contact Center 

We deployed Amazon connect based cloud contact center for a leading financials eliminating several legacy technologies. We deployed several capabilities like NLP chatbots, real-time agent coaching, real-time sentiment analysis leveraging AI based tooling 

At Buaut we have deep knowledge on contact center modernization. Talk to us on your specific use cases  and get a free consultation


Cloud Data Lake

A retail organization needs to get real time data insights for their customer. They were limited by their on-premise legacy data warehouse. Buaut architect helped them to define a mordent data and analytics strategy. We helped to migrate on premise data on Snowflake, established real-time analytic strategy. 

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