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Forget about screening 100s of resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates that other agency dumps to you. 

Hire Buaut for your recruitment and staffing needs. We will send ONLY qualified candidates on your way!

We take your stress and efforts out of the staffing and recruiting process so that you can focus on your business.

With our proven processes and experience we have reduced staffing and recruitment time by half. 



Our founders, leaders, and principles have 20+ years of industry experience with several fortune 100 organizations. They have set up and led large teams and have been hiring managers themselves. We take extra efforts to understand your needs and use our experience to make sure that candidates that we present have the required technical as well as interpersonal skills to shine in a collaborative team environment.


We just do not forward unqualified resumes to you. We will only forward a qualified candidate. We have a specialized professional team for taking interviews who are seasoned practitioners. We take detailed technical and personal screenings including video interviews and online technical tests.


We keep our operation cost low and we operate on the thinnest possible margins. This means we pass on to best rates/salaries to our candidates and thus maximize value for both employers and employees.

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